Creativity, precision, organization
and timeliness are our “ must ” .

During your unique and dreaming day we offer You help and / or organizations such as:
  • Organization of International Weddings
  • Preparation of the Theme of the celebration
  • Help in preparation of the Wedding Formalities (presentation of the list of documents)
  • Preparation and control the Budget of the ceremony
  • Location
  • Catering & Banqueting
  • Stylist (wedding stylizations: bride / groom / children / bridesmaids / best man)
  • Wedding Cake
  • Interior & Scenography decoration (lighting, table setting...)
  • Invitations & Wedding Stationery (guest table, vignette, menu...)
  • Flower design (place of marriage and wedding location, wedding bouquets...)
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Photographer & Film operator
  • Car for the bride and groom
  • Parent Wedding Gifts
  • Gifts for guests (welcome and / or farewell)
  • Babysitter
  • Dog care
  • Manage the list of Wedding Gifts
  • Preparation of Accommodation and Transport for guests
  • Preparation of the Scenario for the ceremony (marriage and wedding coordination)

  • Proposal (organization and / or idea)
  • Bachelor party & Ladies night
  • Baby shower

We respect all Your ideas and needs .

We will design and customize everything with You and for You. We will focus on Your dreams, taking into account Your budget and time. We will be with You every step of the way, during important decisions, and most importantly on the day of Your wedding, and upon Your request we will share with You our ideas for Your big magical moment.

We like to think that every wedding is “ ours ”.

We want to find out, discover, listen and experience Your way of thinking, how You imagine Your big day to be so as to realize Your dreams. For us, each one of You is unique, and we are aware that the value of Your love defines the creative process and is the key element in making every little detail magical, unique and special... only Yours...