Help and advise .

ma . ma 's role is, among other things, is to advise You and to present to You all the possibilities best suited to Your advantage.
Not by imposing our way of thinking, neither by limiting ourselves to mainstream solutions, as we are aware that there are no limits in fulfilling one’s dreams. We keep an open mind to Your suggestions, whereas at the same time we are sincerely and fully committed to You and Your best interest, heart and soul. We stand by Your side to advise, inform and cater for You, overcoming possible obstacles, offering You the most suitable and beautiful solution, making Your dreams come true.

Saving time .

We know that selecting the perfect place, the best photographer or a professional band requires a lot of time and energy, and the offer of wedding service providers is so wide that their verification is extremely hard, laborious and time consuming. Therefore, we guarantee we have the required experience and knowledge to help You select the right place and the right people, thus creating an unforgettable and customizable experience addressing Your unique needs.

Experience .

We love our work, we are incredibly enthusiastic about it, and You are the reason of that. You are our inspiration, our energy and motivation. We love cooperating with You, as the knowledge of wedding services, the acquaintance of wedding trends, and the continuous expansion of our skills allows us to grow as individuals, as designers, as a company and gain Your trust by offering You our full dedication and expertise.

Creativity .

We love challenges, and our creative thinking is based primarily on non-standard associations. We feel passionate about our work and we aim to offer originality and innovation, making Your fantasies come to life in a creative way. ma . ma is not just another association of wedding planners. We are wedding designers as well, so upon Your request we will serve You as the project manager and designer of Your dreams.

Good organization and care about the details .

We would love to make Your dreams come true, we are young and creative, but above all, well organized. There is no place for chaos in our company. We are well aware of the difficulties and the cost in letting a stranger become responsible for the most beautiful day of Your life. We know it is a matter of trust and that it is a position that carries a lot of responsibility. But the realization of Your dreams is what keeps us going, so by sharing Your fantasies with us, and giving us the opportunity to make any decisions in Your name, You can be calm that we will take care of everything by putting all our heart and our skills in it. Together with You we will create a memorable and beautiful day, and we can reassure You that ma . ma might be a stranger at first, but very soon with all our energy and effort we will gain Your trust and guide You through all the difficulties and complications associated with organizing such a big event as Your wedding.

Availability .

We are always there for You when You need us. We know how difficult and stressful wedding preparations are, so You have us and our full support. With ma . ma problems cease to exist. ma . ma is there for You, and instead of feeling stressed, You can relax and enjoy the incredible moment, the magic of love and the beauty of Your unique day.