We love our work .

Surely, there are many great wedding planners / wedding designers out there and they will all try to assure You about their level of professionalism, overwhelm You with thousands of references and hundreds of catalogs. But what we can assure you of is our passion and our out of the box thinking. We will not try to convince You that You should work with us because we have been in the wedding market for 20 years and we have planned hundreds of parties - because we believe, that this information - even if it was true – it shouldn't matter.

Love is not an industry .

Love is not the number of contracts signed with customers or numbers of organized weddings. Love, Your happiness, Your smile and Your realized dreams are absolutely uncountable. We want you to choose ma . ma for creativity, artistic work filled with love, an individual approach to your dreams, the sincerity of our actions and the big heart that we put in everything that we touch. We don't want Your doubts, we want Your full trust, thanks to which, together we will build amazing moments. We want you to choose ma . ma, because for ma . ma the real value is the emotion. It is Your feelings and it is You that make what we create unique and beautiful...